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Copy of Copy of Copy of Monty (12.682 x 9.25 in) (14.196 x 10.417 in).jpg

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                                                   Young Wizards,  my name is Wesley Courten and I am an Author.   Feel free to explore my website. 


That's  me below, no not the Ogre at the  bottom of the page, although   I have begun   to look

like him , must be all the pies I    eat...   See me now? Good.   



Well  if you are looking for adventure and lots of laughs you have come to the right place.


Join Monty & Melvin as they   journey through the magical world of Meeg.  Walk with our

heroic   duo as they they fight Ogres, battle bandits, duel evil teachers and pelt Goblins

with tomatoes  in   their first epic adventure,


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Monty & Melvin

Wizards Of Meeg (the ebook)


No Goblins were hurt during the making of this book









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The Paperback is          

Copy of Copy of Copy of Monty (12.682 x 9.25 in) (14.196 x 10.417 in).jpg

Click the pic to get it quick!!!

Stuffed full of hand drawn   colored illustrations


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