Monty & Melvin, Wizards of Meeg

Monty and Melvin had been friends since they were both found one fateful day, abandoned on the steps of Daneleith Orphanage. Everywhere Melvin went, Monty followed and everywhere Monty went, he got lost.

Monty and Melvin grew up to be two ordinary boys, with one exception. What made them different from other eleven year olds was not that they both ate cornflakes with ketchup on them or that they often wore their underpants on their head when it rained. No, they were different because they were trainee wizards.

Yes, of course they fell out from time to time. Wouldn’t you fall out with a friend if they turned you into a turkey...?
… In December?!

Besides, the important thing is that they were still friends . Oh yes, and neither of them are turkeys…. any more.

Little did they know that they were about to start a journey, a journey that would test their friendship.

Were they ready? No.
Would they rise to the challenge? Probably not. But one things for sure, Monty needed to defeat his doubts and practice, practice practice if they were to have a chance.

Join Monty & Melvin on their hilarious journey through the magical world of Meeg... Laugh about how things don't always go to plan. See how practice can really make all the difference.

Can they stop the Great B Hind (Professor Bernard Hind)?
Will they be able to get to Prince Cecil in time?
And how do 'Keep Off The Grass' signs get there?

Well if you want some of the answers to these questions read on young Wizard... And remember practice makes perfect.

Monty & Melvin Book 2 Coming 2022