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Legend  has it that one day, I think it was a Tuesday, during Steve’s favorite   lesson ‘Creation’, the school bell rang out. It was home time and the whole class scrambled for the door like they did every day before. Halfway down the corridor Steve skidded to a stop. Steve had just realized he had left his school bag on the back of his chair. As he rushed back to the empty classroom to collect his bag, he noticed that the teacher had left some Universe essence on a bench. Without a second thought Steve grabbed the essence and slipped it into his bag and flew out of the school as fast as his legs could carry him.

Planet Meeg

Steve waited until no one was around and reached into his satchel and pulled out the essence. He moulded the essence into two small balls and held them in his hand, bringing them close to his mouth. He took a big deep breath and then gently blew over the two tiny balls of essence. The two spheres rose up into the air and began slowly rotating. The larger of the two balls began to glow faintly getting increasingly brighter with each moment that passed until Steve could no longer look at it without shielding his eyes. Meanwhile the smaller ball, still rotating, became a patchwork of green and blue. Steve looked on in bewilderment. Suddenly a voice called out “Steve its Dinner time!”.  Hastily Steve picked up his bag and looked up at the two balls which were still floating just above his head. He whispered, “Let there be Magic”. His voice carried through the air swirling and shining until it encircled the tiny new Star and the even smaller new planet. He then turned his head away from a blinding light. The spheres formed rods of light as they rocketed through the clouds and into space.

Author, Wesley Courten, gives a brief history of how Monty & Melvin's World came into existence...

 Clouds formed, the rain fell, and the seas were formed. The forests grew, the mountains rose and life flourished. And the Magic flowed through the rivers and floated on the breeze down through the valleys and across the plains. A planet was born,    it was  called Meeg.    


And   Steve   'the   great   wizard in the   sky'  still watches over  it.   

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