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The Beast of Dark Wood

We spoke to a young girl called Fabri, who claims to have seen the Beast, "I was collecting firewood for my mum, like I always do because she like thinks like her slave or something yah, when I spotted him. He basically had these big eyes and pointy teeth, but I was like as if, so I stared him straight in the eye yah. Then he like did this growl thing, but i was like, no way girlfriend , I'm not scared of you . So like, I basically gave him a sassy look and waved my finger at him as if to say your so whatever yah, and he just turned around and ran off yah".

We spoke with Fabri's Mum about her girl "Well Mrs Cate, you must be very proud of your brave daughter?"

"Well yes, I was there and everything she said was true. The beast had long ears, big teeth and a fluffy tail. Very much like rabbit. Thinking about it, I think it was a rabbit".

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