The Characters


Brave as a lion and daft as a brush he & his faithful companion, Mr Sock are always  there for their friends. 

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Melvin is the brains of the duo, bright & gifted, he and his companion Lloyd the Droid are  always up for adventure.    

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Profesor B Hind

The Professor   has had   enough, it   was   time   for  revenge.   But how?   Legend has it that an ancient spell   book   exists.   This spell book     holds   the  key   to   the magic of the ancients.   If only the Professor  could find   it, he   would   then become   unstoppable.   

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The Goblins

Firstly, goblins smell bad. In fact, you can smell one from fifty feet away, even if your nose is blocked.


Secondly, they have terrible habits. They speak with their mouth full, spraying half eaten food in all directions, without a care for who it might land on.


And thirdly, they spend half their lives farting and scratching their bottoms.

But perhaps the worst habit they have is picking their noses and eating it. Sometimes they even pick each other’s noses and, well, you can guess what they do with it. YUCK!